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Pokemon Go: Which team should I join?

So you've just reached a Pokemon Go trainer level of 5. You can now battle in the Pokemon Go gyms for the first time. And you're asked what team you want to join.

Your options are:

Team red - Valor

Team blue - Mystic

Team yellow - Instinct

The truth is that it doesn't matter what team you join. You will not see different pokemon or receive different items depending on your team, and so you can actually chose whichever team you'd like.

However, you can not change teams once you have chosen, and so make sure that's definitely what you want to do. Maybe speak to a few friends and find out what team they are so that you can all be on the same team and work together when attacking other gyms.

Personally, I'm team red, and so I'm biased that you all also join team red - but my advice would be to speak to your friends and join the same team as them.

Pokemon Go: Team red - Valor

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