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Pokemon Go: Where can I catch a Dragonite?

So you want to catch one of the best and rarest pokemon, Dragonite, in Pokemon Go? But you don't know where to find one... well here's how I caught mine.

Catching my Drgonite in Pokemon Go

So for me it all started as a normal walk through town. It was a sunny day so I had my cap on. I was wearing my backpack which was carrying a jacket in case I get cold, and my battery pack in case my mobile is about to die. And I was just walking and swiping at all the pokestops.

I was catching plenty of pokemon on my walk, Pidgey, Ratatta, Drowzee, Weedle, Caterpie, Jynx, Zubat, etc...

My Pokemon Go storage bag was stating to fill up and so I decided to release an incense as I don't really use these very often, and just thought why not!

So walking up through town I found a few pokestops, this was all good, swiping and keeping a steady flow of pokeballs, until suddenly I find a triangle of pokestops all with lure modules on them.

I stop to catch the little Pidgeys and Zubats that were appearing, when all of a sudden I see something new... I turn to my friends and ask what it is, but it wasn't showing up on theirs. The cloudy pink ring around the pokemon showed it appears due to my incense.

Pokemon Go: Catching a Dragonite

As you will see the Dragonite CP only shows question marks, this means that at my Pokemon Go trainer level (currently 21) this was higher than my level. At this point I knew it was pretty awesome, but also realised that it may be out of my league and that it might get away...

It took 2 razz berry and 4 ultra balls to catch, but I finally got it. At the time my highest CP was 1432, but when I saw the stats of what I just caught, I was shocked...

Pokemon Go: Caught my Dragonite

Have you caught a Dragonite on Pokemon Go yet? Got any tips as to how you caught it? Please leave in the comments below.

Happy pokemon hunting people!

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