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Pokemon Go: What should I spend my Pokecoins on?

How to get pokecoins in Pokemon Go

So there's currently two ways to get pokecoins in Pokemon Go. Firstly, you could spend money using the in-app purchasing to buy pokecoins, but who wants to spend money if they can help it? Secondly, and the preferred method for those not wanting to spend money, is to have your pokemon defending Pokemon Go gyms.

How do Pokemon Go gyms work?

The first time you try to enter a Pokemon Go gym after you've reached level 5 you are asked to join a team. You have 3 choices: Valor (red), Mystic (Blue) or Instinct (Yellow). Chose wisely (maybe even ask your friends first) as once you've chosen a team there's no way (so far) to be able to change this at all. And when it comes to Pokemon Go gym battles you probably want to be on the same team as your friends so that you can walk around as a group and attack gyms together.

So, now that you've chosen your team for Pokemon Go, you're now ready to either train at a gym, or attack a gym.

If the gym is already the same colour that you have chosen then you have the option to train at the gym. Training at a Pokemon Go gym will raise the gym's prestige, and so help level up the gym, and as the gym levels up you are able to have more players on your team in the gym helping to defend.

If the gym is a colour of a different team then you can battle the gym, and the more you battle the gym the more you reduce the gym's prestige, until it is a neutral gym (coloured white). At this point anyone has the option to place a pokemon in the gym to start defending it.

How do I collect the pokecoins now I have a Pokemon Go gym?

So once you've got your pokemon in the gym you're ready to collect your pokecoins (Pokemon Go's currency). Click on the shop icon in the Pokemon Go menu, and in the toop right you have a number which represents the number of gyms that you currently are helping to defend with you pokemon.

Click on this and you will collect 10 pokecoins and 500 stardust per Pokemon Go gyms that you're currently defending. That is now your lot for the day. you can only collect your pokecoins once every 21 hours, there will be a countdown timer next to this collect button to let you know when you can next collect them.

What should I buy with my Pokemon Go pokecoins?

Not pokeballs!

Pokeballs can be found in pokestops, so if you're running low then go for a walk to some pokestops and swipe them to collect some more pokeballs.

The first thing I suggest purchasing is a bag expansion. Your Pokemon Go bag which carries your pokeballs, potions, revives, etc... can only hold 350 items at the start of the game. When you're swiping lots of pokestops this will soon fill up, and you'll have to throw stuff away in order to make space for other items from other pokestops. Getting the expansion (or a couple of them) will hopefully mean that you don't need to throw so many items away. This will cost 200 pokecoins, but well worth it in the long run.

Next I would buy egg incubators. They're only 3 times use, but you're only given a few throughout the game as you do the big levels up. These will cost 150 pokecoins each, but hatching eggs in your incubators are a great well to gain XP (and so level up your Pokemon Go trainer), they also can hatch some rare pokemon, and they're often higher CP than the kind of pokemon that you'd catch in the wild.

Lastly I would be purchasing lucky eggs. These are 80 pokecoins each, or you can buy in bulk, and they give you double XP on everything for 30 mintues. These are best to use when doing a mass evolve of lots of pokemon all at the same time, as you'll then get 1000 XP per pokemon evolve, plus extra if it's not one that's already in your Pokemon Go pokedex.

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