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Pokemon Go: What makes a good pokestop?

In my eyes there's a few things that make a good pokestop...

If there's a lure module on a pokestop

Pokestops with lure modules on are always awesome as you're bound to have plenty of pokemon to catch near by. The pokestop having a lure module doesn't, however, seem to affect what you get when you swipe it.

The pokestop location

If the pokestop is near your house, or place of work, or somewhere you're going to be able to stay near on a regular basis then this would be awesome. This would mean you can swipe once every 5 minutes, and you're pretty much guaranteed to never go low on pokeballs. This isn't possible for everyone though, including myself, unfortunately.

More than one pokestop in close proximity

If you have a group of multiple pokestops all together then this is awesome. You can swipe them all, go for a 5 minute walk,and then swipe them all again. Also, if there are lure modules on a few of the pokestops within close proximity then you usually find them absolutely crawling with pokemon to catch.

What do you get when you swipe a pokestop

The contents of a pokestop are ll completely random. You can get anything from no items (if your bag is full) up. My best pokestop swipe so far has had 7 items in it. The items can range from eggs to potions and sometimes also you'll get an egg you can stick in your incubator.

A few good pokestops I swiped today

Pokemon Go: Good pokestop 1 Pokemon Go: Good pokestop 2 Pokemon Go: Good pokestop 3

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