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Pokemon Go: App update (Android version: 0.31.0, Apple version: 1.1)

Fantastic news! Pokemon Go have updated the app. This means all teh bugs are fixed and the app works perfectly... right...?!

Well, no, not entirely. Here's all the app updates that I've noticed so far.

Do not play whilst driving warning

So I guess some people had traffic accidents, of Pokemon Go just noticed that people were "running extremely fast" (driving) and so thought they'd put up their "Do not play Pokemon GO while driving." message.

Pokemon Go: Do not play Pokemon GO while driving.

The Pokemon Go medal icons have been changed

Personally I'm not a massive fan of this. Before there was 1, 2 or 3 stars, and a different colour shading of bronze, silver or gold - which quite clearly showed your Pokemon Go achievements, but now they have different icons, and so you can't tell whether you've hit the 1, 2 or 3 star rating for that Pokemon Go achievement, meaning it's harder to see what you're working towards.

Pokemon Go: medals icon updates


The journal is now located in a different place. To view your journal you need to go to your Pokemon Go trainer overview (image above) and click the 3 lines in the bottomr right hand corner to show the sub menu. Your two options here are to view your journal or customise your Pokemon Go trainer.

Pokemon Go: The trainer sub menu showing journal and customise trainer

Customise the appearance of your Pokemon Go trainer

This is something that, again, I wasn't too bothered about, as I don't really pay much attention to it. But my friends have all mentioned how they do want to change this, as they were all rushing when using the app for hte first time, and so left their Pokemon Go training appearance as the default. Now you can go back in and change the attire/clothes/appearance. This also now means that you can reflect the team colour that you chose.

Pokemon Go: Change the appearance of your Pokemon Go trainer

The pokemon interface

So your collection of pokemon is still shown the same, but when you click into a pokemon things are slightly different. There's now three lines in the bottom right hand corner, which has a sub menu allowing you to either favourite a pokemon, or transfer it to the professor. Also they've removed the map from the bottom which showed you where you caught this pokemon. Neither of these are big deals in my eyes. The favourite feature I never use, and the transfer is just n extra click, but without the need to scroll. As for removing the map, again, this was a feature that I never used anyway and just took up longer to load things.

Pokemon Go: Pokemon interface Pokemon Go: Pokemon interface - no map Pokemon Go; Pokemon interface - favourite or transfer pokemon

Pokemon Go nearby feature and the footprints

So when the Pokemon Go app was originally released the Pokemon nearby was awesome. It would show nearby pokemon and also show 0,1, 2 or 3 little footprints, indicating how far away that pokemon was. This was really handy when hunting for pokemon and you were able to work out if you were walking in the right or wrong direction in order to get closer and catch the pokemon. With a Pokemon Go app update a week or so ago they removed the 0,1 or 2 footprints, and every nearby pokemon would only ever show 3 footrpints. This was really not helpful, and everyone ever since have been asking for this bug to be fixed. Well it's not fixed, but the pointless footprints have been removed. This, in my eyes, deems the nearby pokemon not even helpful. Also, you can no longer select one of these pokemon to help you to hone in on it. So it's now a pretty pointless feature to have at all in my eyes.

Pokemon Go: Nearby no longer shows footprints and you cannot select a pokemon to hone in on

Battery Saver mode

For me there has been no change here, even though people have mentioned that the Pokemon Go battery saver setting is no longer available to them. Maybe on the iOS version of the app (new version 1.1) the feature has been removed? Can anyone confirm or deny this in the comments below?

Pokemon Go: Settings, battery saver mode still an option

So there you have it. These are all the visual updates that I have noticed with the new Pokemon Go app update, and below is the Android app (version 0.31.0) "what's new" update notes. If you notice any other updates that I haven't mentioned, please let us know in the comments below.

Pokemon Go: ANdroid app version 0.31.0 app updates

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