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Pokemon Go: Level up quickly - mass evolve

So I've mentioned previously that a quick way for your Pokemon Go trainer to level up quickly is to evolve. I also mentioned evolving pokemon whilst you have a lucky egg on the go also. Well here is my mass evolve - I saved up Pidgeys, Weedles, and everything else I could. I had two 5km eggs on the verse of hatching, I cracked my lucky egg, and I started evolving whilst still walking.

I was with a friend who would let me know if I was missing out on anything good, and so I also caught a few pokemon along the way, including a Pikachu that completely mugged me off!

I ran out of storage space for the video, but I'm happy to say that I evolved everything I needed to within the time of the lucky egg with 1 minute to spare at the end - that's a lot of evolves. And during the lucky egg I must of added about 5 new pokemon to my pokedex as well.

Here's how my Pokemon Go mass evolve night went for me

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