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Pokemon Go: How to level up quickly

There are many ways to level up in Pokemon Go, but some give your Pokemon Go trainer more XP than others.

The best way I would suggest to level up quickly is to:

  • Catch as many pokemon as you can, including Pidgeys and Weedles - they're both very important - but do not evolve them
  • Start as many 10km eggs in incubators as you can all at the same time (meaning they'll all hatch at the same time)
  • Go to a location that has plenty of near by pokestops and pokemon around (rare ones or ones you don't already have if possible)

Now you're ready to start the leveling up process.

Hopefully you will have a lucky egg? If not you can either purchase one from the Pokemon Go shop, or you will sometimes get them when you level up as one of your bonus items.

Lucky eggs allow double XP on everything for 30 minutes, and so this plays a very important part in out leveling up process.

The leveling up process:

  • Make sure your eggs in your incubators are about to hatch
  • Activate your lucky egg
  • Walk the remaining distance in order to hatch your pokemon eggs
  • Evolve as many pokemon as you can
  • Only do a secondary evolve if he 3rd generation of a pokemon is one that you haven't already got in your Pokedex
  • As soon as all your evolves are done make the most of your time remaining by catching everything you can - pokemon that aren't yet in your pokedex are better as they will give you more XP
  • Swipe as many pokestops as possible as you walk round

All these together is likely to raise your pokemon trainer at least 2 or 3 levels if you're under level 10 to start with, and as long as you had enough evolved to make it all worth while.

Got any other tips? Leave them in the comments below.

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