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Pokemon Go: How to get more pokeballs for free

Have you ran out of pokeballs on Pokemon Go? Here's what to do

Pokemon Go Pokestops

Pokestops can be visited once every 5 minutes, and you can spin the pokestop in order to get bonus items. Often these are revives and potions, but you will also get pokeballs. If you're a Pokemon Go trainer of level 12 or above then great pokeballs can also be obtained here, and if you're a Pokemon Go trainer level 20 or above you can also get ultra pokeballs.

Leveling up in Pokemon Go

Every time your Pokemon Go trainer levels up you get bonus items, sometimes these may include the pokeballs, great pokeballs and ultra pokeballs. To level up you need to gain Pokemon Go trainer XP. In order to get your XP you can collect pokemon, evolve pokemon, spin a pokestop, win battles at gyms, etc... Please see our Pokemon Go Guide to leveling up quickly for full tips and tricks.

Purchase them at the Pokemon Go shop

In the Pokemon Go shop you are able to buy pokeballs. You can increase your Pokemon Go coins using in-app purchasing to buy the Pokemon Go coins, which will then buy the pokeballs.

In order to purchase pokeballs at the shop for free you have two options:

  1. You can own Pokemon Go gyms and collect 10 Pokemon Go coins every 21 hours.
  2. If using an Android device you are able to get an app called Google Rewards which will give you money for filling in short surveys, starting at 6p per survey, but this money soon builds up and can be used as Google Play store credit to make the Pokemon Go coin purchases with.

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