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Pokemon Go: How can I stop it from killing my battery?

So here's a few tricks that can help you save your phone battery whilt playing the Pokemon Go app, although beware as some of them may have side-affects...

Pokemon Go battery saver

So the first thing to do is to use the Pokemon Go app's built in battery saver mode. To turn this on open Pokemon Go app and click on the b=pokemon ball at the bottom. In the top right hand corner is the setings cog, click this. In the list of settings there is one named battery saver - tick this box in order to activate Pokemon Go's battery saver mode.

The Pokemon Go battery saver mode will dim your screen to almost darkness as soon as you aim your phone towards the ground (as if you were putting it into your pocket. And the great thing with this is that it will still vibrate when you're near something worth catching.

I have found, and some friends also have, that sometimes if you raise your phone back up again after having the Pokemon Go battery saver mode on, the game will hang. It will look like it's working, but nothing willinteract with your finger movements, and so sometimes you might have to then close the app and re-open it.

Turn off Augmented Reality (AR) whilst catching pokemon

So I know one of the most awesome concepts of Pokemon Go is that it's in the real world, and the augmented reality really adds to that feeling as well as you catch a Pikachu sat in a bus stop. But in using the augmented reality it also uses your mobile's camera, which is always a way to kill your mobile's battery quicker. Turning off augmentied reality can bedone whilst catching a pokemon, or during a gym battle, by toggling the switch named "AR" in the top right hand corner. Another bonus of turning off Pokemon Go's augmented reality is that when catching pokemon they will always be centered on your screen, and so they will be easier to catch. If I'm ever showing a friend the app for the first time I will always turn on the augmented reality as, lets face it, it's awesome, but other than that I always play with it switched off.

Turn off game sounds

Unless you really need them on, I suggest turning off the game's music and sound effects. They're not needed in order to catch pokemon, and will save a small amount of battery whilst playing as well.

Lower your mobile's screen brightness

You can lower your phone's screen brightness by going to settings, and reducing this setting right down. The oly problem I've found with this is on sunny days you end up not actually being able to see the screen at all! At which point you will need to raise the brightness setting again in order to see it.

Your mobile's battery saver mode

So most mobiles these days have their own battery saver mode, and mostly they will check web servers of non-open apps less frequently and reduce any animations that your mobile operating system might use.

Again, I found a problem with this method also, in that the mobile device will not vibrate if you walk near a pokemon to catch. This kind of deems it slightly pointless, unless like me you were with someone else who had plenty of battery left and so check your mobile every time their's vibrates.

Buy a battery pack

So sales of battery packs must of gone through teh roof for retailers since the release of this game, as now when I walk through town you can often see cables coming out of people's mobiles and into their bags/pockets where the battery pack sits! Personally I have a solar panel battery pack, meaning that whilst the battery pack is not being used it can (as long as it's a sunny day) re-charge itself ready for the next time I need to use it.

Hopefully these tips have been helpful, and if you can use a combination of some (if not all) of the above, then hopefully you'll be playing more, than having to go and charge your mobiles so much. If you have any otehr battery saving hints/tips please do leave them in the comments below.

Pokemon Go: Killing your mobile battery? Find out how to save battery

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