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Pokemon Go: Do you need to walk lots in order to level up?

Do you have to walk lots in Pokemon Go in order to level up quicke? So the quick and easy answer is: no, you can level up just as quickly by not walking much at all. But, you will have to make sure you gain Pokemon Go trainer XP in other ways.

So I reached Pokemon Go trainer level 22 today, and I've had the game since the 8th July 2016 (yes I know that was before the official launch, shhh!) and today's date is 29th July 2016 (today being the day I wrote this, not the day you read it!)

My friend also reached Pokemon Go trainer level 22 today as well, and he's been playing since the 19th July 2016 - that's 11 days less than me.

My current "Jogger" medal is at 150km, and his is only at 66km, and so I asked what he hadbeen doing to level up so quickly and by not walking so much, and here's the findings.

Pokemon Go: My level 22 stats - 150km walked Pokemon Go: Friend level 22 - walked 66km

He was much more finding a pokestop or two and sitting and swiping every 5 minutes. Sometimes driving around, stopping near pokestops and swiping. Or finding pokestops with lure modules on so that he could catch plenty of pokemon and swipe every 5 minutes as well.

I, on the other hand, was doing very long walks, sometimes on my lunch break from work to get some fresh air, sometimes walking home from work but taking slightly different and longer routes in order to be finding and catching more pokemon.

Pokemon hatched from eggs tend to be higher level and better CP than the equivelent pokemon found in the wild or at a lure, and so if you want some good pokemon to evolve, power up and ultimately battle with then hatching from eggs is the best bet, and 10km eggs get you the best pokemon. Also walking around was one of the main aims of the game, to get you outside in the real world walking around and playing.

SIne playing Pokemon Go I have walked to places near my house that I've never walked to before, and spoken to so many random people walking alongon their phones also playing Pokemon Go.

So in summary - you'll get better pokemon if you walk around and hatch them from eggs, you'll also potentially discover new places, and it's a healthier option. However, the game still works and you can still play if you'd prefer to not walk around. Sitting in your house would probably not work, but sitting on a bench near some pokestops will help you level up quickly.

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