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Pokemon Go: Bug: Open inventory when pokemon runs away

I'm currently running Pokemon Go version 0.29.2 and I've noticed a bug, but there's a work sround to make sure you don't get affected.

If you're trying to catch a pokemon, but you're struggling, you'll often open up your inventory in order to use either razz berry or a better pokeball.

You'll also remember that sometimes when you don't catch a pokemon they'll often run away as soon as they esape from the pokeball you used.

Well the bug that I found occurs when you open your inventory just as the pokemon is running away. You're then unable to close your inventory, and there's no other way out other than closing the app and having to re-boot it.

A quick tip to stop this bug from happening - if a pokemon jumps out of one of your pokeballs, wait a second or two before opening your inventory. That way if the pokemon is going to run away it will have also done so, therefore avoiding this bug with the Pokemon Go app.

Got any other bugs you've noticed? Or even better how to solve/avoid them? Please leave them in the comments below.

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