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Pokemon Go: Best tips for hatching eggs

So in Pokemon Go you will get 3 different types of eggs - 2km, 5km and 10km - and as you can imagine the further you walk for an egg the more rare the pokemon is going to be when it hatches.

Hatch 2km eggs with unlimited incubators, save 3 time use incubators for the better eggs

What do I mean by this, and how can this help?

Well you start the game with one incubator, and this has an unlimited number of uses. When you get given incubators during the game, or if you buy an incubator, they're only ever 3 times use incubators.

If you use your unlimited incubator to do a 10km egg, and use your 3 times use incubators to do 2km eggs - the 3 times use incubators will have used up all 3 uses before the unlimited will have even hatched one egg! Which is why I suggest using the unlimited for the small 2km eggs, and saving your other incubators for the 10km eggs (or 5km if you have too many)

Walk lots

So as you'll all know, that to hatch the eggs in Pokemon Go you have to walk the distance stated with that egg. And so the quickest way to do this is to walk lots. Don't drive, as the Pokemon Go app is a bit smarter than that, and it wil not hatch your eggs if you're going over a certin speed. Peopl have tried placing their phone on a record player/turn table and letting it go round and round - which may work (very slowly) but for me one of the great things about the game is that it encourages people to go outside - so why not get some fresh air as the game intended andjsut walk lots!

Hatched pokemon are the best

So a couple of lads did a bit of research - is it best to catch a pokemon, lure and catch a pokemon, or hatch a pokemon, and they shared their findings on a YouTube video. In short, the best pokemons are the ones that you hatch!

What do the different Pokemon Go eggs hatch?

So I found a great image which shows what you might get if you hatch a 2km, 5km or 10km egg, broken down so that it's easy to understand (thanks to - click to enlarge the image in a new tab.

Pokemon Go: what hatches from what Pokemon Go eggs

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